For those of you just joining…

Well Come!

This blog is meant to be an extension of the blog my friend Jesse and I write. We’re both big fans of James Robinson’s Starman series.

My vision for it is a series of commentaries on the individual issues. While I’m not associated with the creation of the series in anyway, I am a great appreciator of it. Think of these commentaries as being in the same vein as the medieval commentaries on Hebrew, Islamic, and Christian scriptures. Or more secularly, the commentaries made on the Greek philosophers. I will look at the works and point out things that are of note and comment on things that stand out as important to the body of the work. Sometimes these will be organized and preplanned; more often than not, they will be stream of consciousness as I reread the issue.

I don’t really want to analyze each issue panel by panel. That sort of microscopic examination doesn’t interest me in the same way it might interest the great German catalogers of the 1800’s whose works in Greek poetry and European folk tale are so useful to scholars today. Although, from time to time, I’m sure I’ll be digressing on some reference or pointing some small detail out to anyone who might be reading.

In fairness, I should tell you that I am coming at this title, Starman, with a notion that it is an Epic. That is, it’s a long form story of the hero’s inner and outer journey. I’ve always thought of it as a telling of Telemachus’ adventures. If I were still a scholar of English literature, I could probably make a paper out of comparing Ted Knight to Odysseus. Jack certainly bears aspects of Telemachus in his character. He’s a boy who must learn his father. Not only that, but he must learn to step out of the shadow of his father and be his own man. Jack does this in a way that we never see Telemachus finish.

I’ve ambled around enough.

Enjoy these commentaries with my compliments. I create them out of the greatest esteem for Messers Robinson, Harris, Von Grawbadger, Goodwin, Ha, and the many others that worked to make Starman so enjoyable.

– Matt.

Matt offered me the opportunity to add my thoughts as well.  I’ve taken him up on the offer, partly because I like the attention, partly because I enjoy having a soapbox, but mostly because I’m hoping that I might mention something that might flip a switch and send him down a new direction.  (As he’s already shown just in this post, he will not need my help.)

When I toss in my two cents I’m going to do my best to very carefully delineate between his thoughts and mine.  Basically if you want the real story read the parts in green.  If you’re interested in trivia and casual observations, keep reading through to the blue.  This is his show, and I’m happy to tag along.

~ Jesse


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